Police Department

  It is the mission of the Ketchikan Police Department, together with all the residents of the City,

 to make our community a safe place within which to live and work.  


The Administration Division consists of the Chief of Police, Deputy Chief, Lieutenant, Dispatch Supervisor and Administrative Assistant.

The division provides for overall supervision of law enforcement, dispatch services and personnel. 

The Police Chief manages administration, which in turn oversees all remaining divisions. Functions include but are not limited to: administration and evaluation of personnel, establishment and enforcement of policies and procedures, maintenance and operation of the police facility, the vehicle fleet, and community relations. 

This division ensures quality commitment to the community and department personnel.  

The Operations Division 

The Operations Division include the Patrol Division, Investigations Division and Central Dispatch. 

The Patrol Division has four patrol teams, each led by a Sergeant staffed with three officers. They work 12 hour shifts and provide 24 hour police services to the City of Ketchikan. The Patrol Division is responsible for enforcing criminal and traffic laws, regulations, and ordinances. 

The Investigations Division is led by a Sergeant and is staffed with two Detectives. They investigate all crimes against children, white-collar crimes and computer relegated offenses. 

The Drug Enforcement Officer is assigned to the Division and is supported by the division. 

Central Dispatch is led by the Dispatch Supervisor and is staffed by 8 dispatchers. The dispatch center is the area wide Public Safety Access Point (PSAP) for 911 calls and provides dispatching services for the City Police, City Fire and both North Tongass and South Tongass Volunteer Fire Departments.