Police Department - Investigations Division

The Investigations Division is supervised by the Lieutenant and is primarily responsible for investigating crimes against children, drug crimes, white-collar crimes, and computer crimes. The Division also provides investigative support for the Patrol Division for major felonies and domestic violence assault incidents.  The unit is staffed by one Sergeant and two Detectives. The department Drug Enforcement Officer and Evidence Custodian are also assigned to the Investigations division.   

Evidence: Evidence in criminal cases is managed by the Evidence Custodian and held in accordance with Alaska Statues.  

Drug Educations and Awareness: The Investigations Division provides programs to the community during Red Ribbon Week, and gives presentation to the High School students to include drug and alcohol education.  

Officer Friendly and Halloween Safety: Detectives and Patrol Officers visit all local elementary schools and give presentations about personal safety and situational awareness to children.  

Crimestoppers: Support Services provides the department liaison for the Crimestoppers Board of Ketchikan.